Upton Music Festival

🎵 What an amazing weekend at Upton Music Festival! 🎉 Wessex 4×4 Response was there every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for the 8000 attendees. 🚗🚶‍♀
On Friday evening, during Ladies Night, our dedicated team of ten responders and our beloved mascot, Responder Bill, were on hand to provide traffic and pedestrian management, keeping everyone safe and the festival running smoothly. 💃🎸
And on Saturday afternoon, when the rain made its appearance, we were ready to assist with traction and ensure everyone could move around the festival grounds comfortably. Our team of seven responders worked tirelessly to provide standby support and ensure everyone had a fantastic time despite the weather. ☔
We’re incredibly proud to have been a part of this event, supporting the Upton Music Festival and its vibrant community. It’s moments like these that showcase the power of teamwork and community spirit. 🤝❤
A big thank you to all our dedicated volunteers and Responder Bill for their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. And of course, a huge shoutout to the 8000 festival-goers who made this weekend an unforgettable celebration of music and togetherness! 🎶🎉

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