Rock N Ribs Festival

Wessex 4x4 Response

Rock N Ribs Festival

Our team from Wessex 4×4 Response had an incredible time had a blast at the Rock N Ribs Festival in Wincanton working tirelessly to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment during this fantastic event.

Over the weekend, we had a total of 11 volunteers on duty, divided into shifts to allow some much-needed festival fun while keeping our services available. Volunteers were equipped with radios to roam the festival grounds for quick responses if needed. Our team took the opportunity to learn and enhance their skills in traction assist, making us even more efficient in handling various situations.

Wessex 4×4 Response are proud to say that our team worked together, utilising our diverse skill sets and an assortment of vehicles for different tasks. Our private compound with vehicles nearby allowed us to respond swiftly to any emergency calls. Plus, we had the convenience of using the jockeys’ toilet and show facilities at the racecourse. A cooked breakfast and dinner were provided for us each day which was well-needed.

Friday 21st July

The weather was on our side with warm and sunny conditions. We efficiently set up the gazebo and directed exhibitors’ cars into the main arena. Additionally, we moved lighting towers for better visibility and safety.

Saturday 22nd July

Due to the wet and windy weather, our team inspected the car parks for potential issues. We were visibly present in the car park to assist people parking in the afternoon. Fortunately, the use of track boards mitigated the need for traction assist in most cases, but a few vehicles still needed a gentle push. As the day closed, our volunteers were stationed in the car parks, ensuring readiness.

Saturday 22nd July

With light rain overnight and in the morning, some vehicles required traction assistance during the morning and afternoon. As the rain stopped, and the car parks dried out we had some fun, with Responder Bill climbing the fire truck ladder for photographs and the whole team being invited on stage for a special “thank you” line dance in the afternoon. We also provided assistance in escorting cars off the show field in the evening.

Overall, the Rock N Ribs Festival was a resounding success, and our team from Wessex 4×4 Response were honoured to play a vital role in making it a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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