Ringwood Carnival

We’re delighted to share that last weekend, 15 volunteers from Wessex 4×4 Response played a crucial role in this year’s Ringwood Carnival, an event that brings together over 10,000 visitors. We were responsible for overseeing the entire procession route, ensuring the safety of the public and facilitating smooth operations throughout the day.
It’s worth noting that the Ringwood Carnival relies on more than 60 volunteers and staff—including security, stewards, and marshals—to make the day a success. Our team not only contributed to this effort but also provided an Event Controller to manage the busy radio channels and a Sector Marshal for the most bustling area of the site.
After undergoing mandatory briefings, our volunteers were fully prepared for their roles and any potential emergencies. Our Wessex 4×4 Response Team Leader, worked closely with Ringwood Carnivals Event Director in the weeks leading up to the event to ensure a seamless day for all involved.
We were also entrusted with securing the firework firing location, and ensuring public safety during the display.
We’re honoured by the kind words from Dan, who said, “Without Wessex this year would have been really difficult to manage…I would like to thank Wessex 4×4 Response for their top-notch support…I would be excited to welcome them back again next year.”
We look forward to being a part of this incredible community event again in the future! 🎉
Street photos, copywrite Trevor Pogson

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