Wessex 4×4 Response Attends Wiltshire LRF Liaison Event

We’re pleased to report that Wessex 4×4 Responses had a highly productive day at the recent liaison event hosted by the Wiltshire Local Resilience Forum (LRF). This gathering aimed to strengthen community resilience by bringing together voluntary agencies, emergency responders, and Town and Parish councils.

The day was filled with insightful activities, such as:

  • Tabletop Exercises to gauge the readiness plans of local councils.
  • ‘Show and Tell’ stands, where we proudly showcased what Wessex 4×4 Responses brings to the table.
  • Thought-provoking presentations on community planning.
  • Hands-on outdoor tasks

It was a pleasure to be among Category 1 and 2 responders, LRF leadership, and representatives from various Town and Parish councils.

We also had the chance to network with leading organisations like WILSAR, React Disaster Response, Serve On, Raynet, and the Scottish and Southern Electricity Network (SSEN). These valuable interactions have set the stage for future collaborations and multi-group exercises.

All in all, the event served as a fantastic platform for reinforcing our commitment to community resilience, while also strengthening ties with Wiltshire LRF and other key partners.

We’re excited about the promising connections we’ve made and look forward to future collaborations that help us continue to serve our community effectively.

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