Membership Terms & Conditions

It is a condition of membership that all members agree to the Terms & Conditions contained within this document. Any member failing to comply, and or failing to notify the CIO of any change in their circumstances that effect their conformity to these conditions, may be asked to terminate their membership. The term 'CIO' in this document refers to the 'Wessex 4x4 Response CIO'.

Your attention is drawn to clause (1.h) below.

I agree:
    1. As a new member or to rejoin if my membership falls into arrears, to pay a one off joining fee, as set by the AGM.
    2. As a new member to participate in any Foundation course organised by the CIO.
    3. To pay an annual subscription fee, the amount being set by the AGM. To continue membership I agree to pay this fee promptly on or before its due date each year, being the 1st April.
    4. To abide by the CIO's Constitution & follow the guidance laid down in the Policies & Operational Procedures document.
    5. To notify the CIO via Membership Secretary if at any time I wish to terminate my membership.
    6. To provide and maintain a current email address and telephone contact number, (preferably both land line and mobile numbers), and to notify the Association immediately of any change in either.
    7. To undertake any training from time to time that may be arranged by the CIO for me to perform my role within the CIO.
    8. That any information given will be kept on a computerised database solely for 4x4 Response purposes. This includes any statutory checks that may be required to be undertaken to ensure compliance with legislation. I understand that under the terms of the Data Protection Act I may not disclose any privileged information given to me as a result of my membership of the CIO.
    9. I am not a barred individual under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and have no objection to the CIO carrying out any statutory checks under this legislation.
    10. Not to act, in such a way, as to bring the CIO into disrepute.
    11. I am aware that the CIO is an equal opportunities group and does not discriminate on grounds of race, sex or sexual orientation, age other than a minimum age of 18, or disability, however any illness, disability or criminal conviction which may impact on my ability to carry out duties on behalf of the CIO must be declared.
    12. To any amendments or deletions or additions being made to these conditions, on the understanding I shall be informed by electronic mailing at least 28 days before any change takes place.
    If using my own vehicle on behalf of the CIO I must:-
    1. Have held a Full driving licence (valid in the UK) for the type of vehicle being driven for at least 3 years, and have accrued no more than six penalty points.
    2. Inform the CIO immediately if I receive more than six penalty points or my licence is revoked.
    3. Whenever my vehicle is being used in the name of the CIO to maintain it to a road legal standard (taxed, insured & MOT'ed, if required).
    4. Keep it in good mechanical condition, including any auxiliary equipment carried.
    In addition to (1) & (2) above
    1. I may assist the CIO in non operational roles, e.g. A Board Trustee Member, Fundraiser, Administrator, etc.
    2. To carry the CIO's ID Card whilst acting in the name of the CIO, and to produce it on demand to any person rightfully requesting to see it.
    In addition to (1), (2) & (3) above
    1. To assist in any operation or exercise the CIO may wish me to attend.
    2. To be called to any incident or exercise I may be expected to attend by the SMS system, and to make myself familiar with its operation and CIO's callout procedures.
    3. To wear any items of uniform and/or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplied by the CIO, when attending any incident or exercise.
    4. At any incident or exercise, to follow the instructions given by any official of the CIO.
    5. If using my own vehicle, to clearly identify my vehicle, when attending any incidents or exercise with CIO markings.
    6. To display my membership number to the front and rear of the vehicle, for identification purposes.


  1. 'Support Member'
    A fully paid-up member who will not be actively engaged in any operational duties.
  2. 'Operational Member'
    A fully paid-up member who may be called upon to attend operational incidents and exercises, and may be expected to drive and/or supply their own vehicle.They may also carry out the roles of a 'Support Member'.

If your vehicle will be used for ANY 4x4 Response purpose, you must ensure that you have appropriate insurance for the type of vehicle being driven and the role that you will perform. This is very often provided by ordinary 'Social and Domestic' insurance cover, but you are advised to verify this with your insurer.

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